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Gillian Vann is an Australian photographer recently relocated to the Gold Coast. She trained as a professional photographer at the Brisbane College of Photography & Art and has worked and lived in 3 states of Australia, as well as travelling extensively with her family. She claims as her hometowns: Brisbane (happy chilled tropical vibe), Adelaide (the food!) and Sydney (Avalon Now baby).


In addition to local client work Gillian works closely with a few boutique PR firms, creating bespoke imagery and video. Her work has been seen in various publications including Fairfax Good Food Guide, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Courier Mail, Advertiser, Qantas, Country Style, Adelaide Hills, West End magazine, Feast, Bella Grace, Frankie ... as well as work for high profile clients such as Kate Morton, Bernard Salt and Silvia Hart.


Gillian is also a founding photographer, and Boardmember of the Canadian dynamic co-op Stocksy United, creating interesting and innovative stock imagery for a global audience, and is always keen to collaborate with businesses and models.  Her time in the Adelaide Hills left her with a deep love and respect for rural issues, and local artisans proudly making a difference, and is keen to help build your brand, be it artichokes or bulldozers.  She juggles married life with 3 teen daughters, is not afraid of small children or large animals, sometimes finds time to paint and do yoga, always has time to share a wine and a good chat around a fire.

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